ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Agro Processing Industry Development Directorate

Agro Processing Industry Development Directorate is accountable to the manufacturing development sector d/director general having the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Shall coordinate and manage the adoption of strategy that agro processing sector is administered in addition to supporting the designing and approval of supportive frameworks. Also ensures the consistence of the sectors development with country’s development agendas and policies. address current issues in addition to monitoring the performance of such policies and work for their amendment it needed.

2. Shall prepare the plan for the directorate, follow up the performance and submit report to this effect.

3. Shall prepare the plan for the department, coordinate evaluate monitor and report the performance of such plan.

4. Shall administer and manage employees under the directorate.

5. Shall facilitate capacity building activities to fill up the gap in the capacity of employees and experts.

6. Shall prepare BSC plan for the professionals under the department, evaluate and compute their performances.
ensure the provision of necessary input and raw materials for the department and monitor the utilization of such supplies for the intended purpose.

7. It designs ways and strategies that could facilitate the entry of Agro processing products in to the export market.

8. Shall identify and measure the significance and impact of legal and supervision frameworks adopted for the industries engaged in agro processing activities.

9. Shall facilitate ways in order to create coordinated and collaborative effort with different institutions, stakeholders, local and international institutions engaged in the agro processing sector.

10. Shall manage and coordinate the identification of evaluation and monitoring activities in each level.

11. Shall ensure the application of the value chain system from the production to the consumer level and coordinate and manage training, finance and technological consultancy support to be provided from supportive institutions.

12. Shall ensure national product quality standards are implemented by the industry sector and shall facilitate the adoption and preparation of such standards in collaboration with the concerned institution locally.

13. Shall monitor and manage as well as administer their performance and ensures that awareness created concerned the industrial quality standard of the sector.

14. Shall collect, analyze, organize and distribute data relevant to agro processing activities.

15. Create supply and product chain between small and medium agro processing industries and large industries in addition to monitoring the performance of the chain as well as giving feedback when necessary.

16. In collaboration with the technical and vocational institutions, higher education institutions, Research institutions Ensures the agro processing industry benefits from new technologies.

17. Ensure the benefit of the industries in the sector from the industry extension service; identifies the various bottle necks in the sector organize and facilitate mediums to provide resolution and solution for such challenges in addition to creating favorable opportunities.

18. Compute national and international best practices and expand it in other industries.

19. In order to provide internationally acceptable service; for small and medium manufacturing industries shall work together with local and international institutions which have similar purpose and objective.

20. Shall organize the participation in local and international expos in order to introduce and promote products of the agro processing industry and shall facilitate conditions for experience sharing.

21. Shall organize supports obtained from local and international private and governmental institutions with the same purpose and objective.

22. Shall produces project proposal which are useful to produce import substituting products and export oriented products.

23. Shall coordinate researches in the agro processing sector, which are performed by foreign/exit) researchers in the country.

24. Shall identify challenges and bottlenecks for the industry competitiveness and recommend solutions to this effect. Prepares suitable project profiles and monitor their performance.

25. Shall Follow up the researches in the Agro processing and urban agriculture sector and coordinates the preparation of reports for the concerned body.

26. Shall coordinate survey and researches conducted in the agro processing sector to identify skill gaps and fill them. It also avail the outcomes of the research to the technical and vocational institutions.

27. Shall coordinate the preparation of project profiles suitable for the industry sector; distribute and monitor the performance of such profiles.

28. Shall provide the necessary support for the agro processing industries to be organized in the sectoral associations .

29. Shall lead, manage, monitor, evaluate and measure the performance of employees under the department and shall take the necessary corrective measures as determined necessary.

30. Shall undertake other tasks assigned from the D/Director general