ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Duties and Responsibilities of Capital Goods Lease Finance Directorate

1. Based on the government’s support frameworks for small and medium manufacturing industries the directorate prepares implementation manuals for the supply of capital goods lease finance and working capital and coordinates the implementation of the same.

2. Organize and implement workshops on which executing bodies participate so as to raise their awareness on the support packages.

3. Coordinates regions to implement the support package on capital goods lease finance and work in collaboration with Development Bank of Ethiopia and Capital Goods Finance Business Share Companies in meeting the demand.

4. The directorate works closely with Banks and Micro Finance Institutions in order to meet the demand on working capital by small and medium manufacturing industries.

5. Conducts assessments in order to identify the problems faced in implementing the support packages and facilitate ways by which the problems can be worked out.

6. Works jointly with financial support providers to ensure small and medium manufacturing industries benefit from the supports they render.