ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Duties and Responsibilities of Human Resource Development and Institutional Transformation Management Directorate

The directorate is accountable to the authority’s directorate and has the following duties and responsibilities

1. Enforce decisions related with promotion, hiring, transfer and disciplinary measures.
2. Shall reply inquires related to W.H.R administration forwarded to the agency.
3. Shall deliver training and awareness creation to raise employees’ discipline efficiency.
4. Facilitates opportunities of training and education for employees to develop their knowledge and profession prepare and implements the agency’s H.R plan and program.
5. Ensures quality organization of human resource data using modern tools.
6. Collect and organize H.R information of small and medium manufacturing industry development.
7. Shall identify and meet the annual manpower demand of the work process and
Shall inform the concerned authorities the agency’s employees’ pension, tax, education, assignment change.
8. Shall conduct H.R improvement study and monitor its implementation
9. Facilitate short and long term local and abroad training’s that assist filling identified gaps and increase the performance of the agency’s H.R; organize training’s and monitor their delivery.
10. Shall manage and administer the agency’s vehicle dispatch and maintenance.
11. Shall manage the general service
12. Shall manage the security, cleanness and beauty of the agency’s premises
13. Shall facilitates condition for employee to use the clinic facility
recognizes the importance of coork safety and health and manage the same
14. Shall pass a decision or recommendation of professionals on safety and health
15. Ensures the supply and usage of safety materials
16. Evaluates whether result oriented performance evaluation tools are in line with principle and manual of the civil service improvement and suggest corrections.
17. Shall identify procedures that hinders smooth operations in various departments and design ways to eliminate such weaknesses.
18. Ensures proper recording and filing tasks
19. Ensure fill out of employees performance evaluation on time.
20. Prepares plan for the directorate and presents performance report