ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Entrepreneurship Development Directorate

The Entrepreneurship Development Directorate is accountable to the manufacturing implementation capacity building sector Director general having the following Duties and responsibilities:

1. Shall design strategies, programs that assist the facilitation of entrepreneurship development and implement up on the approved
Strategies and programs.

2. Shall coordinate the concerned organs in order to promote entrepreneurship development nationwide and follow up the implementation process.

3. Shall identify challenges facing the enhancement of entrepreneurship development and innovation based on research and provide appropriate recommendations.

4. Shall jointly work with local and international institutions that support entrepreneurship development.

5. Shall prepare the sectors national development plan based on the entrepreneurship development strategy and monitor the performance.

6. Based on the value chain of manufacturing sectors coordinate training, financing and consultancy service in order to promote entrepreneurship development.

7. Shall formulate best practices of entrepreneurship development and distribute to small and medium industries to benefit from such practices.

8. Shall support the organizations of entrepreneurship development associations and integrate them with local and international entrepreneurs and shall facilitate their capacity to gain experience.

9. Support to benefit SMI through studying formulating & distributing best & successful entrepreneurship development practices.

10. Shall assist and participate in connection with analyzing information for the research conducted to adopt entrepreneurship development training courses in universities, technology and vocational education training collages curriculum and follow up when approve.

10. Shall coordinate supports from local and international private and governmental institution with the same objectives.

11. Shall undertake other related tasks which can enhance the development of entrepreneurship and assigned by the deputy director general in order to achieve the objectives of the directorate.