ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Infrastructure and Cluster Development Directorate

The director of the directorate shall be accountable to the manufacturing facilitation and transformation D/Director general having the following powers and duties:

1. Coordinates the implementation of infrastructure and cluster development strategy; provides comments and monitor the performance.

2. Shall facilitate the allocation of sites for sales shops which considers convenience of infrastructure and expansion of construction and that creates opportunity to have integration with heavy industrial.

3. Shall facilitate the preparation of spots and spaces for establishment of small and medium industry which have the necessary infrastructure as well as convenient for technology transfer and integration of heavy industries.

4. Designs manufacturing and sales clusters in uniform manner and that considers types of products, export and a real factors based or international standard design.

5. Monitors and assist the incorporation of employees sanitation rooms, raw material store, show rooms, parking area, sales spots, training center, cafeteria and entertainment areas, garbage disposal and sewer facilities, power house and similar facilities in all clusters in uniform pattern.

6. Supports and monitors standard designs are consistent with cities master plan.

7. Shall support and follow up availability of electricity, water, ICT, green areas and entertainment facilities and other common use areas that need to be incorporated in cluster design.

8. Shall restructure and improve existing sales shops of small and medium manufacturing industries in a manner that they are suitable for products offered for sale.

9. Shall ensure the enterprises are organized in to clusters and are interrelated each other in respect to market technology, raw materials and equipment’s that they commonly use.

10. Shall offer manufacturing cluster centers with affordable cost for the enterprises.

11. Shall organize database that deals with industries that are provided with service in the cluster.

12. Shall prepare the necessary legal frameworks in order to transfer buildings of centers which construction has been completed and monitor as well as follow up the transfer process.

13. Follow up whether supplies provided are use for the intended purpose.

14. Shall coordinate, evaluate the supply of developed land and sufficient budget to be used for cluster center expansion and shall communicate the result of such activities to the concerned organ.

15. Coordinate the design of manufacturing centers based on international standards and recommend revisions.

16. Shall prepare manual in order to transfer manufacturing centers to industries in addition to identifying the significance of the manual, shall facilitate favorable conditions in order to implement the outcomes of researches.

17. Shall support and monitor the construction of show rooms and sales shops based on the required standard in every region and selected major cities.

18. Shall jointly prepare plan with institutions and stakeholders in order to avail the necessary infrastructure to cluster centers and shall evaluate the result of such activities and report the same to the concerned organ.

19. Shall formulate best practices in this regard concerning infrastructure and cluster development and shall monitor the implementation of the outcome.

20. Shall coordinate evaluation and monitoring systems in every level in addition to managing and leading the activity.

21. Shall coordinate the identification of bottlenecks that are encountered during infrastructure development and in coordination with different stakeholders shall recommend solutions and facilitate the implementation of such solutions.

22. Coordinate with the concerned entities to prepare project profiles in the area of cluster and infrastructure development and distribute the same.

23. Shall lead, coordinate, supervise, follow up, evaluate and measure the performances of the employees under its supervision.

24. Shall ensure the cluster development is consistent with green economy development.

25. Shall coordinate the provision of technical support and capacity building to regions and city administrations in order to efficiently undertake cluster centers design, development and administration.

26. Coordinate, monitor and lead employees in order to integrate procedure that is based on transition of cluster centers to industry centers.

27. Shall identify based on research whether manufacturing and sales cluster centers are used for the intended purpose and are administered properly.

28. Shall ensure the environmental assessment tasks are conducted for small and medium industries established in cluster centers.

29. Shall prepare plan for infrastructure development and cluster centers, monitor the implementation and prepare updated plan performance report.

30. Shall lead the two teams under the directorate and administers the budget and the human resource of the directorate.

31. Shall evaluate the department’s employees result oriented plan and fill out the performance in the designated form.

32. Shall undertake other takes assigned by D/Director general.