ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Investment Promotion and Industry Transition Directorate

The directorate’s director is accountable to the manufacturing facilitation and transformation center d/director general having the following powers and duties:

1. Shall design and implement support frameworks to facilitate the development of small and medium manufacturing industries.

2. Shall facilitate conducive conditions for development of small and medium manufacturing industries and identify challenges associated with competitiveness of the industries.

3. Shall jointly prepare with the concerned entities feasibility studies and project profiles in order to ensure small and medium manufacturing industries benefit from the market, collect, analyze and organize information related with this.

4. Shall undertake promotional activities in order to attract local investors to engage in small and medium manufacturing industries.

5. Shall undertake awareness creation activities for those who wishes to engage in small and medium manufacturing industries in particular newly graduate for universities and technical and vocational institutions.

6. Shall lay down procedures that would avail opportunities for job seekers to engage in the manufacturing sector and raise awareness of the public using different media.

7.  Shall facilitate trade registration, tax payers registration, account auditing services for operators of the sector.

8. Shall facilitate experience sharing between industries; prepare model industry profiles and formulate their best practices.

9. Shall collect and compile industrial general information and organize the same in database to avail to users.

10. Shall obtain the full profile of manufacturing industries that where transformed in to small manufacturing industries from innovation and food security agency every year and shall create and facilitate support from frame works in order for such industries have continuous and sustainable supports.

11. Shall introduce system in order to recruits model industries with superior experience in manufacturing sector at national level.

12. Shall participate in local and international programs that would assist the development of best practices in order to lay down improved operational procedure in small and medium manufacturing industries; formulate and organize effective practices.

13. Shall monitor industrial level transition and ensure industries transformed in to higher level are recognized at national level.

14. Shall support the organization of small and medium manufacturing industries in to unions.

15.  Shall coordinate industrial extension service provision in coordination with the federal technique and vocational training agency.

16. Shall administer the budget and human resource of the directorate; lead the teams under his/her supervision.

17. Shall prepare investment promotion and industry transformation plan and monitor its implementation; shall prepare current performance reports.