ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Product Technology Development Directorate

The director of the directorate shall be accountable to the manufacturing facilitation and transformation d/director general having the following powers and duties:

1. Identifies and prepare profiles of studies problem solving and suitable technologies and procedures for small and medium manufacturing industries.

2. Shall manufacture prototypes of production machinery’s and equipment’s that are began the capacity of technique and vocational institutions; shall manufacture improved technologies which productivity is low and transfer such technology to TVET centers and give technical support to small and medium manufacturing industries.

3. Shall design new products that substitute imported products; designs improved and efficiency production methods and prototypes and transfer the same technique prototypes to TVET centers as well as small and medium manufacturing industries.

4. Delivers short term training’s to selected industries that produce substitute products of imported products.

5. Delivers technical service that are not affordable to small and medium manufacturing industries in the center’s facilities.

6. Shall provide technical support to projects that are designed and implemented at the federal level for the agency.

7. Shall installation and commissioning of machinery’s purchased for TVET center and other centers established to provide support for small and medium manufacturing industries; undertake consultancy service and training in collaboration with the concerning organs.

8. In the event when repair task for machinery’s of small and medium manufacturing industries is beyond the capacity of TVET institutions and expensive, it shall facilitate maintenance.

9. Participate in the preparation of specifications of equipment’s to be used jointly in the small and medium manufacturing industries.

10. Shall collect data on alternative technologies, current cost of technologies at global level, suppliers etc. which would satisfy the demand of users and upload the same in to the website of the agency, prepare catalogue and update the same.

11. Shall facilitate technical support and machine design to small and medium manufacturing industries which come up with innovation in order to put their innovation ideas into practice; shall consult in patient right.

12. Shall organize exhibitions to promote technologies produced by small and medium manufacturing industries and share experience.

13. Shall lead and manage team works.

14. Prepare plan of the directorate and follow up its performance.