ፌዴራል አነስተኛና መካከለኛ ማኑፋክቸሪንግ ኢንዱስትሪ ማስፋፊያ ባለሥልጣን

Federal Small & Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority

Research and Training Capacity Building Directorate

1. Shall assess the duties of the directorate against the sectors strategic plan and adopt annual plan, monitor the performance, organize, lead, coordinate and supervise the activities of the directorate.

2. Shall design supportive frameworks the good facilitates the development of small and medium industries.

3. Shall conduct research on favorable opportunities for the development of small and medium manufacturing industries in addition to delivery of training.

4. Shall identify challenges facing competitiveness of small and medium manufacturing industries and recommend solutions.

5. Shall oversea the conduct of researched based on scientific methods which helps to manage documentation of policy, decision making and management in scientific manner.

6. Shall implement the various policies and strategies of the government and shall comment the sectors and policy and strategy.

7. Shall participate in local and international programs that would assist the development of best practices in order to lay down improved operational procedure in small and medium manufacturing industries; formulate and organize effective practices.

8. Shall coordinate the participation in foreign exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops in addition to organizing such forums locally and internationally as well as share experiences from other organizations and sectors.

9. Facilitate short and long term local and abroad training’s that assist filling identified gaps and increase the performance of the agency’s H.R; organize training’s and monitor their delivery.

10. Coordinates with universities and technique and vocational institutions in order to avail the required manpower for small and medium manufacturing industries in addition to working in coordination with them.

11. Shall collect and organize information in the area of training and education delivered in regions and shall communicate the analyzed data to the concerned organs; shall register trainees, prepared certificates, shall ensure the maintenance and record of general information.

12. Shall ensure detail manuals and magazines are prepared for trainings delivered in the sector and shall evaluate and assess the outcomes of such trainees and take the necessary measure.

13. Shall study new and improved operation procedures in order to make small and medium manufacturing industry development is in line with the country’s growth direction and is modernize and is capable of coping up with the ever changing situations of local and international scenarios and shall design ways to implement them and shall execute up on approval by the concerned entity.

14. Based on the different comments gathered from other institutions, sectors, citizens and development partners, shall design new procedures that would assist the growth of small and manufacturing industries.

15.  Shall identify issues that needs standardization in the sector and shall ensure the adoption of such standard at national level and shall monitor the necessary assistance and support to the sector.

16. Shall raise and come up with research ideas for small and manufacturing industries development and upon approval from the concerned entity shall implement outcome of the research.

17. Shall design ways in order to implement outcomes of research and surveys in coordination with the agency.

18. Shall identify particulars of the sector that need to be improve and shall recommend solutions based on the reality of the country and shall implement the solutions upon approval.

19. Shall formulate best international practices of small and manufacturing industries for the benefit of local industries based on the current reality of the country.

20. Shall conduct researches on the effectiveness of newly introduced procedures, strategies and policies which have been approved by the governments.

21. Shall introduce incentive, acknowledgment and award procedure based on research in order to promote competitiveness of small and medium manufacturing industries.

22. Shall coordinate work teams; provides support to team leaders, undertake empowering activities, follow up performance of teams, evaluate, recommend improvement ideas; shall follow of the results of the departments as well as take the necessary corrective measures.

23. Shall ensure the duties and responsibilities of the directorate are carried out up to the required quality and swiftness.

24. Shall monitor the daily tasks of professionals under his/her supervisions, provide support, and provides the updated report of the performance of the department.